Believe it or not, the concept of Voyce Threads emerged from a children’s book. Author and founder, Drew Shaw, identified an opportunity to educate the community about the positive forces that we don’t always see working on the behalf of our community. In short, we could use more discussion about things that really matter. Voyce Threads strives to empower you to start meaningful conversations by showing off what’s on your feet. Every time you put on a pair of Voyce socks, you become an Everyday Ambassador for the cause that inspired the sock’s design. So, go out there and cause a conversation – there’s plenty to talk about!

How Voyce Threads Gives Back

Our Values


    Give back to the community

    We believe that acts of generosity allow others permission to do the same.

  • Visibility

    Bring awareness to important causes

    We believe in giving others a platform to bring awareness to critical issues facing our world.

  • Originality

    Encourage individuality and self-worth

    We believe in the value of people. A unique purpose lives within every one of us and it is our life’s search to discover what that purpose is.

  • Creativity

    Promote innovation through ideas

    We believe in being creators of new products and services that advance or challenge the status quo.