adjective: [ev-ree-dey], noun: [am-bas-uh-der, -dawr ]

A person who accepts the mission to wear Voyce Threads socks and intentionally cause informed conversations about the organizations represented on their feet.

Stand out with your FASHION

Taking risks within your attire

Being a trendsetter is never easy at first. Be yourself and be committed. Eventually, others will follow your lead. Voyce gives you the confidence to express yourself and become a leader through the choices you make with your wardrobe.

Stand out with your MISSION

Wearing what’s important to you

We’ve seen shirts, hats, and wristbands that support the gamut of causes in the community. Here’s your chance to be different from everyone else. Show others what you care about – by wearing your mission on your feet.

Stand out with your PASSION

Connecting with others through your actions

Life is a journey and on that journey we encounter people who add color to our lives. You have the power to connect with others through your actions. Communicate with them about what’s important to you. You may be the catalyst that ignites the flame in someone else.

Styling Advice

Voyce Tip #1

Roll up your pant legs

It doesn’t get much simpler than that. Show your socks in all their glory without walking around barefooted. You’ll be sure to receive lots of approving stares.

Voyce Tip #2

Wear shorts.

Whether we’re at the gym or on a hike, we all know that people notice what we’re wearing. Give them something to talk about other than your amazing form on the exercise machine.

Voyce Tip #3

Go high-hemmed.

Sporting a no-break or half-break hem really accentuates your sock game and elevates your entire look. Try this the next time you get your slacks tailored. You’ll be the most fashionable man in the room at your next swanky event.

Voyce Tip #4

Do not wear socks with flip-flops or sandals.

Enough said!

Continue the Conversation

There’s too much to tell and a single website can’t hold it all. Let us know if there is a great charitable organization we should be partnering with, tell us about your experience wearing our socks, and join the community @voycethreads

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